is distributing free samples of Love Moon Anion (pronounced "an-eye-on") Sanitary Napkins because we believe strongly enough in our product to let you try it first, before you buy. If seeing is believing, then trying these Feminine pads will give you first hand experience on what they can do for you. We prefer to allow the product to sell itself. If you have any questions about our pads that you don't feel are answered on this website, then please let us know by email or by phone. Our Contact Us page has our contact information and we also have a blog that you can comment on at:

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Watch our videos for more information about the layers and the tests we performed on Always, Kotex and Stayfree Day Pads


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Purchase is not necessary to get your free sample, it's very simple - we know if you try our product you can judge it's effectiveness for yourself - seeing is believing!
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